Blazé Milano was delighted to announce the debut of a capsule collection developed in collaboration with luxury business executive and fashion icon Georgina Brandolini d’Adda.   

In keeping with the brand’s signature elegance, the capsule reveals impeccable, unfussy silhouettes peppered by precious touches and details for a quintessentially sophisticated evening look. 

Fabrics get textured and rich. A cascade of sequins creates intriguing light effects on a Blazer Dress and a Sunset Blazer. This last also comes in a version embroidered with black and white sequins for a bold horizontal striped pattern.  

Silver lamé gives a shine touch to a Blazer Dress and an Everyday Blazer, while a charming combination of delicate champagne and peach pink tones defines a silk Midnight Smoking. 

Pink pinstriped faille lame injects a sparkling graphic twist into an Everyday Blazer, while the capsule’s iconic jaguar is embroidered with lurex, pearls and crystals on both a red Everyday Blazer and a double-breasted black Midnight Smoking Blazer trimmed with cotton chenille. 

A customized powder pink and sage green lining, as well as polished cover buttons, enhance the refined spirit of the capsule collection, which for the first time includes pants. 

Reflecting an impeccable sartorial approach, the ankle-length cigarette trousers, which come in pinstriped faille, silk, lamé and sequins, show a tailored waistband, while the brand’s signature “Smiley” pockets pop up on the back. 

“I really love Blazé. I think that Corrada, Delfina and Maria Sole perfectly know how to combine a classic style with a modern twist in a very focused offering of jackets, which have an incredible fit,” said Georgina Brandolini d’Adda. “For my capsule developed in collaboration with them, I wanted to include pants to offer women impeccable evening outfits to stay chic and comfortable at the same time.”