p>“And into the forest i go to lose my mind and find my soul.”

- John Muir

Reconnecting with nature. Breathing fresh air, immersed in silence.

For Pre-Fall 2022, BLAZÉ deep dives in an outdoor inspiration, imagining her iconic effortless chic women busy in exciting activities en plain air. The wardrobe, filled with outstanding pieces crafted in upscale materials and rendered in a rich palette influenced by the colors of the changing seasons, offers a wide range of options for sophisticated individuals enjoying the simple pleasures of a life spent in nature. Whether they harvest strawberries, stroll around with their dogs, embark on trilling hiking adventures or attend dreamy dinner parties in the forest, BLAZÉ gets them all covered. With the Pre-Fall 2022 collection, the brand introduces a range of new styles, touching different notes, from sporty chic to ultimately impeccable.