“We don't need to be related to relate
We don't need to share genes or a surname
You are, you are
My chosen, chosen family
So what if we don't look the same?”

- Rina Sawayama

A community of individuals sharing an esthetic vision. A chosen family gathering around an iconic item, the blazer, a timeless universal symbol of personal empowerment. For the Resort 2022 season, BLAZÉ puts the focus on self-expression and on a celebration of human uniqueness. Boundaries between genders are broken, new solid bridges among an eclectic group of individuals are built. BLAZÉ’s signature piece, the blazer, becomes a vehicle to telegraph a message of freedom, independence, beauty and legacy. Always inspired by its Italian heritage, for the new season, BLAZÉ looks at the vibrant colors of a lush Mediterranean garden, blooming with peonies, agapanthuses and geraniums, but where pins also top towards the blue sky.