MYLIUS CAMEL - Blazé Milano


MYLIUS CAMEL Double-breasted camel hair coat

PEGASO - Blazé Milano

Sealady blazer

PEGASO Double-breasted alpaca and wool blend coat

MYLIUS CAMEL - Blazé Milano

Sealady coat

MYLIUS CAMEL Double-breasted camel hair coat

TATOOSH CAMEL - Blazé Milano

Shearling coat

TATOOSH CAMEL Single-breasted shearling coat

VERVECE - Blazé Milano

Whistler coat

VERVECE Alpaca and wool-blend coat jacket

AFTERGLOW - Blazé Milano

Blazer dress

AFTERGLOW Cotton-velvet dress


Heart dress

FIRST CLASS BLACK Double-breasted velvet-trimmed mohair and wool dress

ARYA AQUA - Blazé Milano


ARYA AQUA Double-breasted wool blue coat

TATOOSH CAMEL - Blazé Milano

Shearling gilet

TATOOSH CAMEL Shearling gilet

TATOOSH CAMEL - Blazé Milano

Gliss bolero

TATOOSH CAMEL Reversible shearling bolero jacket


Jackets and coats extend beyond typical outerwear; they are essential pieces that transform every look into a statement of elegance and style. They provide a canvas for self-expression and creativity, empowering women to showcase their unique sense of style and personality.
Through the selection of fabrics, colors, and patterns, each piece of BLAZÉ’s outerwear becomes a reflection of individuality and sartorial preferences. These garments effortlessly accommodate every season, making it easy to transition from autumn days to the colder winter evenings, from the balmy spring nights to warm summer days.

BLAZÉ Milano - Beauty in Every Detail

At BLAZÉ each piece is meticulously curated. Therefore, the collection of women’s coats and jackets represents a pinnacle of design, Italian craftsmanship and timeless style, meticulously crafted to enhance your wardrobe, and radiate effortless allure in any setting. The iconic Smiley pocket serves as BLAZÉ’s distinctive signature, adding a playful yet sophisticated touch.

Unique Pieces

Make a statement with the unique bolero jackets, where the fusion of the bomber jacket with the bolero style creates a striking contemporary contrast. These pieces feature luxurious fabrics that demand attention wherever you go. Whether opting for timeless hues or intricate embellishments, boleros effortlessly adapt to your personal aesthetic, ensuring a standout presence on every occasion.
Explore the selection, where timeless elegance meets modern sophistication. From cozy shearling coats to exquisite blazer robes and dresses, the outerwear collection offers the perfect balance of classic silhouettes and contemporary designs. Crafted from luxurious materials such as sumptuous alpaca and wool-blends, as well as velvet, each piece is meticulously crafted to make a statement of refined luxury.

Find Your Perfect Blazer Today

If you are unsure where to begin, start with a timeless wardrobe essential: a black coat or a black blazer jacket. They represent the essence of evening sophistication and understated elegance. And for a subtle pop of colour, while still maintaining refinement, consider opting for more colorful variants. Pair them with neutral tones for a subtle yet striking contrast or embrace the versatility of green by mixing and matching it with other hues.

The Nautical Peacoats

Crafted from the finest wool and impeccably tailored to perfection, these iconic outerwear models are a testament to enduring style. With their double-breasted silhouette, notch lapels, and structured fit, peacoats effortlessly elevate any style, whether layered over a chic shirt and trousers for a polished office look or paired with jeans and sweater for a chic weekend vibe.

The Sophisticated Blazer Robes and Coat Dresses

BLAZÉ’s blazer robes and coat dresses are tailored to seamlessly transition from dress to coats. Whether you wear them open as a blazer for a glamourous evening event or cinched at the waist as an elegant dress, these versatile pieces effortlessly exude romantic sophistication and grace.

The Edgy Leather Jackets

Achieve a rebellious chic attire by choosing a women’s leather jacket for a lively addition to your personal style. And if you want to make a bold fashion statement, pair it with leather pants or skirt to fully embody the aesthetic of modern biker-inspired design and rock ‘n’ roll edginess.

The Casual Denim Jackets

Embrace the laid-back charm of denim jackets, perfect for adding a touch of casual coolness. Versatile and effortlessly chic, these jackets are a fundamental piece for every woman, offering endless styling possibilities whether worn with a pair of jeans for a classic denim-on-denim look or layered over a graceful dress.

Jackets to Stand Out

Don't be afraid to experiment with different combinations of colours and fabrics to express your unique sense of style and make a lasting impression wherever you go. Explore the collection of sequin jackets and models in vibrant colours.


Embrace the art of layering with our chic gilets, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Wear them over a shirt for a refined office attire or layered over a flowing dress for a romantic evening look. And for a perfect coordinated look, pair them with matching BLAZÉ pants and blazers.