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I dream of you in colors
that don’t exist

Leah Reader

These garments embody the core principles of the Blazé philosophy: clean lines
for a chic, elegant, yet dègagè style that can be worn 24/7.

Every item of the Essentials collection (the Everyday Blazer, either single or double breasted and the single breasted Blazer Robe) are timeless luxury basics.

The color palette reveals a classic idea of style: black, white, ivory and navy blue.
Distinguishing features include: smiley pockets that allow you to lose the bag and slightly masculine swayed back shoulders.

An Essential is the perfect starting foundation for one’s wardrobe. Every Essential will prove to be a versatile passpartout, perfect for every season and occasion, a real game changer that is beyond trends and truly stylish.

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As our blazers are exclusive products, only 2 items are available per purchase.

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