Seeding for the future

BLAZÉ is committed towards sustainability.

The brand is making a further step to reduce the impact of its activities on the planet. BLAZÉ has teamed up with green future project, an online platform giving companies and private citizens the opportunity to make a difference and reduce their carbon footprint. A tree will be planted with every BLAZÉ purchase.

The green future project manifesto:
Green Future Project is a new online platform to reduce co2 levels in the atmosphere and help companies and individuals offset their daily environmental impact. Ten points to understand who we are, how we work and what we can all do together to save the planet. Promoting the values of global sustainability and collective action with transparency and goodwill.

About Green Future Project:
Green Future Project is an online platform that enables individuals and companies to play an active and collaborative role in the decisive challenge of this millennium: reducing co2 emissions and accelerating the transition to clean energy. GFP, which began as a benefit society, relying on some of the world's best climate projects, certified by internationally recognized bodies such as Gold Standard, Verra and Rainforest Trust, enables individuals or companies to offset their impact on the environment while inspiring shareholders and customers. The force driving this change is virtuous and necessary: we truly believe that sustainability is an absolute and indispensable element also in terms of credibility in world markets.

This is the planet we all inhabit and live on. The only one that to date can grant us this privilege. But this planet, we know well, is suffering: the greatest of its ills is global warming, a danger to the entire ecosystem and the species that inhabit it, including us. And since it is we humans who have done this damage, it is our duty to undo the damage. We owe it to ourselves, to future generations, and to Mother Nature.

Greenhouse effect and global warming:
Thanks to the presence in the Earth's atmosphere of certain gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane and water vapor, global temperature averages on the planet are around 15°C. ensuring the right conditions for different ecosystems. Without the famous "greenhouse effect," we would instead have polar average temperatures. However, the massive CO2 emissions caused by human activities have excessively unbalanced the correct balance of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, consequently increasing the greenhouse effect and giving rise to global warming.