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SUMMER 19 Theater of Dreams

All good things
are wild
and free

Henry David Thoreau

Take a walk on the wild side.

For the Spring/Summer 2019 season, Blazé Milano celebrates a frisky, free spirited lifestyle.

The brand’s signature sophisticated, effortless chic elegance is peppered by flamboyant and eccentric touches. Blazé Milano signature rational and unfussy silhouettes vibrate with a new hyper feminine eclecticism. A urban look meets outdoor influences. The frenetic rhythm of the city blends with rock ‘n’ roll chords.

Wild animal patterns steal the spotlight. A red and black micro leopard motif pops up on a Great Coat and a Ballroom Dress and a flamboyant “Wild Cat” print appears on a Lurex Everyday Blazer, Sunrise Blazer and Blazer Dress. Tone-on-tone leopard spots add an irreverent touch to a green silk Everyday Blazer and Blazer Dress.

Denim is elevated to new heights. The jean cloth gets a tailoring treatment for new charming sartorial designs. A fresh and summery unlined Everyday Blazer is crafted from light indigo denim, while its cool aspect is rendered through a textured linen for a Sunset Blazer trimmed with cotton chenille.

While bronze Lurex add a hyper glamorous appeal to a Great Coat and a Sunset Blazer, a more rigorous geometric touch is introduced via a Ballroom Dress crafted from a checkered fabric playing with transparencies.

Elegance and femininity fly high.

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SUMMER 19 Theater of Dreams

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